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Journal | Billabong Cottage

For the first weekend of September my husband and I packed up the car, grabbed our dogs and headed down the Coast for a little getaway. We stayed in a gorgeous Airbnb called ‘The Billabong Cottage’ at Termeil and it was the perfect mix of country, coast and cosy. Staying for two nights allowed us the chance to rest, take the days slow, explore Termeil state forest, Ulladulla beach and the walking track surrounding this gorgeous property.

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The Brindabellas | Journal

Somehow I missed Winter. What I mean is, the Winter snow and the Winter adventures. I didn’t want to wait an entire year so a couple weeks ago while I was sick, my husband and I went for a short drive to The Brindabellas. It was our first time there and unfortunately all the roads were closed. To add to our bad luck, being sick meant my body couldn’t handle a proper hike. Instead we decided to go for a small walk and see if we could find any snow… Thankfully, we did!

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Adventure | Square Rock

Over the weekend my husband and I went for a hike through Corin Forest to the top of Square Rock. It’s a 10km round trip within Namadgi National Park and has a steady elevation through some truly magical bushland and granite boulders. There are so many different plants, trees and flowers living harmoniously together that create a magical atmosphere as you hike to the top.

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Here’s what wedding florists want you to understand

Words by: Lauren of Laurel and Lace

What follows is an attempt to educate and pave the way for understanding of what really goes into your wedding flowers. Yes we get to “play with pretty flowers all day” (a patronising term that is commonly thrown at us implying that our jobs are easy/we don’t work hard) but there is so much more to it...

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How to prepare for a photoshoot!

I’m Jessica Christie, the photographer and I’m here to help you prepare for you photoshoot! If you’ve just chosen me to capture your story, thank you! I couldn’t be more excited!! Even if you’re still on the fence about a photoshoot or have booked in with someone else, I promise these tips will be helpful so, read on.

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Dave & Laura | Canberra Cafe lovers preview

Where do I even begin with these two beautiful souls!? I'm still on a high from our cafe and street session together! (More of this please!) We met yesterday morning at their favourite cafe, Elemental in Braddon. After getting to know each other, we ordered coffees and began shooting.

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The wrap-up

I know what you're thinking.... 'It's the middle of the week, Jess'.

It sure is! But, it's Wednesday, hump day and possibly the hardest day of the week (according to the internet). So, I'm trying to giving myself and you, something to look forward to!! I did say I'd be blogging more and I meant it!

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Just start. Then, keep going

Hello again, it's been a while! So much has happened since I last put thought to paper, well, keyboard now. Truthfully, I've been thinking about blogging again for months, but I just got in my own way. I kept putting it off, using every reason you could imagine. When it all boils down, the reasons are simply, excuses. So, tonight I decided to 'Just start. Then, keep going'.

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