Why I sometimes create without a goal or purpose.


Lately it has become the norm to turn our hobbies into work. Because of this we often forget to create without a goal or purpose, we forget to create simply for the joy of creating, we forget to play.

I’ve been intentionally trying to make time to create or do things I enjoy between client work, life and rest. It’s so easy to switch off and only pick up my tools for ‘work’ but learning to find joy in the things I love again has been so good for me personally and professionally. I’ve found I have more energy, see through different perspectives and have brought joy into all areas of my life. This doesn’t have to be hard, sometimes I can down my street and notice the different ways light falls on a fence I see everyday, I look up and appreciate the cluster of clouds forming in the sky, I sit back at my computer and watch the birds walk along the fence. By doing these simple things, I’ve realised that ‘play’ really is crucial to success.

Setting time aside to play allows you freedom to let your mind wander. By not working towards a goal or outcome, you allow space for things to develop naturally. Personally, I can become attached to a specific outcome, fixated on the end result instead of the steps in-between. This means I might skip over beautiful moments happening right in front of me. I’m not present.

I’m trying to step back from the outcome, find room for play and focus more on the journey, the things I can control and bring a sense of wonder into everything I take on. I know it won’t be easy, I’m a solution based problem solver who loves to control most (if not all) I can but hey, I do love a good challenge!


I’d encourage you to take some time over the weekend to find time for play, create or do something simply because it brings you joy or feels good! Create without a goal, remove the pressure of an outcome and see how you feel!

Until next time,

Jess x