Here’s what wedding florists want you to understand

Words & photos by: Lauren of  Laurel and Lace

Words & photos by: Lauren of Laurel and Lace


What follows is an attempt to educate and pave the way for understanding of what really goes into your wedding flowers. Yes we get to “play with pretty flowers all day” (a patronising term that is commonly thrown at us implying that our jobs are easy/we don’t work hard) but there is so much more to it...

Before the wedding:

  • Email correspondence (this may only take 5 minutes but remember you’re not the only one emailing us - I spend hours each week responding to emails).

  • Consultations.

  • Quoting (everything is custom quoted and this actually takes a lot of time and thought so please don’t ghost your florist, we all appreciate a response regardless of if you are going ahead or not!).

  • Ordering, this has taken me years to master. Figuring out how many stems you need for each and every piece, deciding what varieties of flowers and foliage’s you will use, figuring out which of the many growers/suppliers have what you need, correspondence with on average at least 10 different suppliers. Figuring out what sundries are needed.

  • Logistics: we deal with a lot of different venues and no two weddings are the same. A lot of time goes into figuring out logistics of how we are going to accomplish a certain look or how we are going to rig it and of course many many trips to Bunnings! 

  • Market trips! For me and many other florists I know who aren’t lucky enough to have the flower markets on our door step this means travel to Sydney. 6 hours return drive, $ for accomodation (I drive up the night before as I have to get up at 4am for the flower markets), hours collecting orders and picking flowers at the markets. 

  • Really fucking early mornings, late nights and loooooooong days! 

  • Flower prep: before we even start to create our floral designs we spend HOURS prepping and conditioning your flowers (stripping thorns and foliage, re-cutting stems, fluffing/reflexing petals, popping everything into buckets of fresh water and storing away safely in the floral cooler (or not if it is a variety of flower that doesn’t like the cold). 

  • Floral design (Here we go! We finally get to “play with flowers”). Depending on the size of the wedding this can be another full day of creating the designs we’ve been dreaming up for months! (And by full day I mean sun up to sun down (yesterday was 14 hours on my feet with a 5 minute lunch break). 


Day of the wedding:

  • Deliveries: usually to multiple addresses (bridal party getting ready address/s, ceremony and reception. 

  • Set up. Another full day finally bringing everything together at your venue/s!

  • Pack down. And after all that we must return to pack it all down again! Sometimes midnight, sometimes early the next morning.

After the wedding: 

  • Clean up. You know all of those beautiful floral designs you had at your wedding? Well we made one hell of a mess creating them. Let me tell you, my studio currently looks like a bomb has hit it. And now, the clean up - getting rid of waste, cleaning buckets, cleaning candle holders, freshening up the studio so we can go again for the next wedding which we will start prepping for in the next day or two. 

  • Days off... what’s that!?? My day off usually consists of admin! But every once in a while I have a day off and usually spend it doing life admin (someone’s got to wash my clothes!). 

And then...

  • Admin! Emails, quotes, book keeping, ordering, social media, advertising, website updates etc! etc!


  • Studio rent 

  • Storage unit rent

  • Bills

  • Flowers and foliages (contrary to what some believe, they aren’t cheap)

  • Sundries 

  • Travel (fuel, accomodation etc.)

  • Marketing/advertising.

  • Insurances: public liability and personal sickness/injury cover (god knows my clumsy ass needs this!)

  • Physio (for so many of us, the above can take a huge toll on our bodies!)


THIS is why wedding florals cost what they do. No we are not “ripping you off”, we are simply charging our worth! And it kills us to hear these sorts of remarks. 

Please value your florist. Please don’t ask us to do the same job for less (you wouldn’t like it if someone tried to negotiate with you to do your job for less would you?).

Please be respectful. Please be kind. 

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