Adventure | Square Rock

Over the weekend my husband and I went for a hike through Corin Forest to the top of Square Rock. It’s a 10km round trip within Namadgi National Park and has a steady elevation through some truly magical bushland and granite boulders. There are so many different plants, trees and flowers living harmoniously together that create a magical atmosphere as you hike to the top.

We started at the Corin Hub carpark just past the Corin Forest Mountain Resort and took the most direct route through Smokers Flat. We detoured slightly to see the Orroral Valley Lookout which was definitely worth the extra 500m. The main track is easy to navigate and follow as it is well traveled. There were a few slippery spots to be mindful of, especially during winter. You’ll walk across a mix of dirt, metal meshing and up stone steps before climbing your way to the top of Square Rock using the secured steel ladder.

Standing on top of Square Rock is indescribable. You’re surrounded by giant rocks, incredible views of Mount Gingera, Snowy Flats, Corin Dam, Mount Ginini, Stockyard Spur, Mount Franklin and Smokers Gap. Depending on how confident and adventurous you are, you can climb to the very top and see things from a different perspective. We stopped here for a while to take in the views, have some lunch and take some photos. The hike to the top took us about 1.5 hours and that was with the detour and a lot of photo taking!

After soaking in the magic, climbing as much as possible, breathing in the fresh air and taking in the views, we packed up our things, gathering all our rubbish and made our way down. It took us less than an hour to hike back down and get reach the carpark.

This was one of my favourite hikes to date and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get lost amongst nature for a few hours. If you’re not very experienced or confident, try Booroomba Rocks first and then you’ll easily be able to do Square Rock!

Until next time,

Jess x