5 Tips for staying motivated


One thing I get asked continually is “how do you stay motivated working from home”!? Truth is, I’m easily distracted and life happens but my income is dependent on my output. I’ve figured out 5 things that work for me to stay motivated, organised and basically get shit done!

The following is is my everyday go-to guide and there might be a few things to help you stay focused, motivated and nail your goals!

Organise & plan ahead

If you’re anything like me, you have a million things on the go, a bunch of to-do lists, goals, dreams and life demands! Sometimes it can be overwhelming but if you follow these tips, you'll be focused, motivated and smashing goals on the regular!


  1. CLEAN YOUR SPACE: Nothing is more distracting than mess! Take 10 minutes to clean up your space. Put away anything that is not essential to your work day.

  2. TO DO VS MUST DO: The never ending to do list kills motivation. Instead, create a daily 'to do' and 'must do' list. Write down all the things that are non time specific in the 'to do' list and all the time sensitive things in the 'must do' list! It's all about prioritising and feeling like you're constantly winning

  3. TIMER: Use your phone to set a 1 hour timer and then place it face down. Use your must do list to check off your items as you go. You'll be surprised at just how much you get done in that hour! When the timer goes off, take a short break to stretch, rest your eyes and make a coffee!

  4. KNOW YOUR END GOAL: What are you working towards? If you don't know where the goal post is, you're just aimlessly working away. Plan ahead, know your end goal and the steps you need to take to get there. Establish smaller goals to keep you motivated and focused.

  5. FINISHED VS PERFECT: Finished is better than perfect. If you're always aiming for perfection, you'll never achieve anything. Motivation, confidence and focus decreases. Get the job done to the best of your ability and move on.



Now that we've covered the most important elements, you should be ready to get going! If you need some more guidance or information, I have plenty more to share! I’d also love to hear your strategies for staying motivated so leave a comment below or share your tips on my instagram post!