How to prepare for a photoshoot!


How to prepare for your photoshoot

By Jessica Christie

Hey there lovely!

I’m Jessica Christie, the photographer and I’m here to help you prepare for you photoshoot! If you’ve just chosen me to capture your story, thank you! I couldn’t be more excited!! Even if you’re still on the fence about a photoshoot or have booked in with someone else, I promise these tips will be helpful so, read on.

If you’re anything like me, you love to organise and plan ahead much as possible! To help get you mentally, physically and emotionally ready for our session together, I’ve created this ‘pre-shoot checklist’. 

First things first, breathe! It’s completely normal to be nervous but I promise you, it gets easier as the shoot progresses and it will actually be fun! You’ve got this!

If you haven’t already discussed or confirmed a location, now is the time to think about places you have an emotional connection with. Is there somewhere you go to be alone, a spot filled with beautiful memories? Do you prefer the coast over mountains!? Would you be more comfortable in your own home? It should be a location that reflects you, your relationship or a place that you connect with. It could even be your favourite cafe! There is nothing better than having a little distraction like coffee to calm your nerves. If you come up blank, lean on me or your photographer. We have a bank of locations up our sleeves and are more than willing to share ideas and find the location that is perfect for you.

You’ve probably thought to yourself ‘what on earth will I wear!?’. I got you. My advice is, don’t run out and buy something completely different to your usual wardrobe. Think of what you are most comfortable in - however trackpants may not work here! You’ll want something that shows off your personality and makes you feel alive. Clothes with some movement work beautifully in photos and if you’re uncomfortable, it will show through the photos. 


If you have yourself and others to think about, I always recommend to try and semi coordinate your clothing, for example pick a colour and use it through each outfit in a different way. Let’s talk footwear, please don’t wear thongs or flip flops - open toed shoes are perfectly ok and even boots or something wth a heel if you want to elongate those legs! Just remember that there will be walking and maybe some running involved so think about what you’ll be comfortable in! When I meet up with my clients, I always do a bag dump because 90% of the time someone has a hair tie on their wrist and pockets are generally full. Don’t worry about your phone either, I’ll always have a bag with me that you can pop it, your wallet/purse or anything else in. 

Now here is the best part, I want you to prepare for a bunch of fun! Just relax, act natural don’t worry about trying to pose and be perfect, I’ll guide you through this whole process. Our goal is to capture real and authentic moments. 

If you have any questions, please ask me! I’m here to help with whatever is on your mind.