The wrap-up

I know what you're thinking....

'It's the middle of the week, Jess'.


It sure is! But, it's Wednesday, hump day and possibly the hardest day of the week (according to the internet). So, I'm trying to giving myself and you, something to look forward to!! I did say I'd be blogging more and I meant it!

The past week was extremely busy! I had a couple friends visit, my partner came home, editing upon editing to do and a long weekend here in Canberra! One of the friends was Shae, a beautiful soul I've known since early highschool days! We caught up over breakfast and then I took a few photos of sweet bump. I'm so thankful for our friendship, we've both been through a lot, we've lived at opposite ends of the country but every time we catch up, it's just so easy to fall back into. Plus, we laugh A LOT!

Over the long weekend my partner and I set out with our dogs out for a quick walk but it ended up being a 5km hike through Kowen Forest. Honestly, it was the perfect reset for me. By that point, I'd been working every day and night so to stop and connect with nature for a couple of hours was exactly what I needed.

If you follow me on instagram, you'll know about Wallpaper Wednesday! For those that don't though, I create a new graphic each week for you to use as your phone wallpaper for FREE. All you have to do is screenshot, save and set. I've included this weeks #wallpaperwednesday and a couple past ones below.

The editing list has definitely shrunk after sending out a few galleries which means I can focus on a fun shoot I did over the weekend with Olivia. We had no real plan except to wander Lonsdale Street and get coffee. I'm so happy with the photos and just the freedom of it all. You can follow me on instagram or facebook for some more previews of it until I blog it.


If you got through all that, well done! That was a lot to read through but I really hope you enjoyed it! Leave me a comment and let me know what you thought! I also have a completely free weekend coming up and I'm so excited about the thought of no plans but also unsure of how I should spend it! If you have any ideas, let me know!

Until next time,

Jess x