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It’s 10pm on a Wednesday night and my mind has finally cleared. I’ve been struggling a little bit lately with “my why”.

Sometimes this gig can take you through

amazing highs and extreme lows. To give you an idea, a few weeks ago I was in Uluru photographing a surprise proposal for a sweet couple from Hong Kong. Extreme high. Life changing weekend. on the flip side, I’ve been questioning why I continue to work so hard and so much. Wondering why I keep pursuing photography and why I keep chasing those extreme highs.

Tonight I got my answer. Instead of switching from day job to side hustle, I decided to take the dogs for a walk, enjoy dinner away from my desk, make some hangers (oh yeah, another business of mine - Leaves and Fibers) and do a workout. Part of me tried to resist doing all of this, “you should be editing client sessions” my mind yelled. But, if it weren’t for this break, I wouldn’t have come to the below relisations.

Growing through life as a bit of an introvert, photography has allowed me to show up in a completely different way than I usually do.

When I meet new people, I’m always curious about them, who they are, where they’ve been, what drives them, their story, their beginning, middle, their now and their next step. 

It’s through these conversations that I’m able to break down walls, fears and ultimately, help myself and others feel comfortable in their own skin. This process also allows for trust to grow between us which is essential because, when you trust the person holding the camera, beautiful things happen. 

Sometimes the only tangible object you have to remember an entire story is a photograph.

I’ve spent my life saying hello and goodbye to people, places and homes. I’ve learnt that everything is temporary, good and bad, but what always remains, are photographs. They take us back to a specific time, a place, a feeling, a smell, a moment of joy or pain, love or fear and relive that experience. 

We shouldn’t suppress any of these emotions or experiences because they lead us to where we are today, the people we are right now and they’re guiding our next steps. 

So when you ask me why I take photographs, this is my answer;

I want to meet people and hear their stories. 

I want to start conversations. 

I want to capture authentic moments to hold on to.

Until next time,

Jess x