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Collaborating with other creatives is something I love to do! I've found it to be a great way of trying new things, seeing different perspectives, meeting people and also a chance to create some beautiful content. Luckily for me, it has also been a means to connect with some truely lovely individuals and build friendships.


Since moving to Canberra, I've used Instagram to find and connect with other businesses, find great cafes, coffee, florists and people to collaborate with. Recently, I reached out to Melody to see if she would be up for a collaboration and she said yes. We got together on the first weekend of Spring and spent a beautiful, laughter-filled morning chasing shadows.

If you've been wondering who this talented woman is, you're about to find out! I interviewed her so we could all get an insight into what goes on the scenes of a fashion & beauty blogger.

Read on below and leave some love at the end!

1. Who are you and what do you do: My name is Melody Rusk and I am a fashion/ beauty blogger and content creator. I run a blog called ‘Mood’ which acts as a visual diary for my outfits, the styles I’m loving and the beauty products I’m using.

2.  How did you get to the place you are at now and do you have any advice for someone starting out: I spend most of my free time blogging/on Instagram. I work full time and study, so I use the time after I’ve had dinner to plan my Instagram posts, and to network. My blog is always a work in progress as it represents my life and journey, I’m just fortunate enough that the people following me are interested in what I do and what I have to say!  My advice to anyone starting out would have to be: stay authentic. Authenticity is key in a world full of bloggers, and creatives. Individuality is something to be celebrated, not masked – so make sure you are your true self! People will love you for you!

3. You've got a day off, how do you spend it: I like to start the day off with a gym session, then brunch, walking my dog, then binge watching trash tv with packets and packets of Oreos.


4. Your life motto / motivation / inspiration: I don’t really have a motto. I just always think that time is going to pass whether you put your all in or not. So you may as well go hard, get what needs to be done done, and enjoy the journey.

5. What does a typical day look like for you: Each day is different, but all of my days contain the same elements but at different times. I’ll always take my dog for a long walk, go to the gym, plan posts or search for inspiration on Instagram and creating content for my blog as well as clients.  

6. What would you tell your younger self: Not to doubt yourself and be who you are, not what everyone wants you to be.

7. Best advice you have ever received: The best advice I’ve ever received was to stop dwelling on the things I can’t change.


9. Do you believe in community over competition? 100%. I’ve made really greats friends and a solid network through being friendly and participating in a blogger community, rather than competing.

10. Any words of wisdom? Remember what you’ve set out to do and be flexible with the details.

You can follow Melody's via her Instagram or Blog

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