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Well hello, I’m Jess and it’s so nice to finally meet you!

If you’re just checking me out, let me make this nice and easy for you!!

I’m a coffee drinking, nature loving, adventure seeker who prides herself on being a creative, confident, happy, light hearted and friendly story teller. I allow space for the real, candid moments of everyday life because it's these moments that will ultimately last a lifetime. I have a true knack for making people feel comfortable no matter the situation so I can promise you, there will be plenty of laughter and fun.

When you hire me, your vision will be brought to life. My friendly approach and pursuit of real, genuine moments will make you feel as comfortable as if you were dancing alone in your undies around your bedroom!

With an undeniably unique creative process, just like you and your story, the entire process will be tailored to you. 

I honestly can’t wait to meet you over coffee and see what magic we can create together.


Coffee drinker • Nature lover • Adventure seeker • furmum • army wife